My Top 5 TV Actor Performances

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Television seems to have more influence to the masses. More so than film. Not a lot of people can afford to go to the cinema that often. Television series allow us to get to know a character a lot better because their stories can stretch over hundreds of episodes over periods of a few years. Here are my top 5 actors performances on television.

5. Andrew Lincoln – The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is the newest show on my list and from the looks of it, the show will continue on for a few more seasons. I love the Walking Dead because of the incredible ensemble cast however Andrew Lincoln does steal the show for me personally. In season 3 his character has changed a lot and many people don’t like it but I think he will return to his normal self by season 4. The character is portrayed well and believable because he seems most affected by the zombie apocalypse and the one who is most keen to keep the himself and his group alive.

4. Ian Mcshane – Deadwood


Ian Mcshane won a golden globe for his performance as Al Swearengen in Deadwood. The show did not have as long a run as my other favorite shows and performances but the episodes were longer than others because they were on HBO. I feel that his performance throughout the series is incredible and I do not think the amount of swearing he does takes away from this powerful performance.

3. Kiefer Sutherland – 24


Probably the most controversial choice on this list. Some think the character of Jack Bauer being to silly and all he does is shout. I loved the show 24 and in its long run and soon to be second coming I have always enjoyed the trials that Jack Bauer faces in his work days from hell.

2. Hugh Laurie – House MD


House was my favorite show for a long time. I only started watching the show in 2007 recognizing that Hugh Laurie is that guy from Blackadder and Stuart Little. I found the character compelling and even though all episodes followed the same narrative structure I still enjoyed the performance. I feel that the evolution of his character over the shows life span was really believable.

1. Bryan Cranston- Breaking Bad


My first experience of Breaking Bad came on a school trip to New York in 2009. We watched the first episode of the first season. All the people watching it were passive and just laughed at the fact it was Malcolm’s dad running around in his pants for a lot of the episode. It was only last year that I started watching the show properly. I enjoy the show so much and Bryan Cranston plays such an interesting character and he sticks out to me as my number one performance, I am looking forward very much to the final 8 episodes.

Do you agree with these top 5 performances? Comment below. Thanks for reading.


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