Old Actors Better Than Young Actors

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In a world where everyone is obsessed with looks it is not surprising that younger actors are taking over from the older ones. Fair enough this is bound to happen as older actors retire and move on to roles that they would not get in the younger ages but still some of the young actors around today are really not that good.

And to bring age down further I spoke to someone about an actor who is 33 and I said they would be an appropriate Batman if it was to be rebooted, they said he would be too old for the role. How is that possible? People apparently would rather see a 20 year old actor in a role rather than a 33 year old. People are quite happy to see older action stars in such films as The Expendables and Red, but i was talking about an actor much younger than these old time action heroes.

Most actors of this generation are still trained but a lot of actors on circuit are only doing acting as a bi-product of fame, Models, singers and sports stars are all starting to take up film roles. Actors from a previous generation would have been trained properly and they work harder and are more concerned about their work than being famous. And this is how it should be. People just using acting as a new mode to increase their popularity is not on and it is a disgrace to films and television.

There are exceptions to every rule. A lot of A list stars still get roles but because they look younger than they are or rely much more on their ‘celebrity’ than their skills.And there are a few young actors that are good but not many. And when I say young I mean under the age of 30 (give or take two years). If someone is to be a good actor they need to have life experience. its a joke that studios would sell out the art by putting some 20 year old reality start in a film rather than a decent actor.

I do think this applies to most other mediums of entertainment as well. Young singers under the age of 20 have no life experience and they will muck up their lives eventually because they got everything too quickly, they did not have to work for it.

The term youth is wasted on the young applies to this so much. Older actors have better skills, experience, class and they know that fame is a bi-product of their craft not the other way around. Unfortunately most people want to see young and beautiful actors rather than skilled actors and this will likely destroy the industry eventually if we as a society become too obsessed with fame and youth.

I’ll finish by pointing out that Ian Mckellen who is currently 74 years old received top billing on The Hobbit which is a sigh of relief.


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