Piracy is a crime?

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So if you have ever purchased a DVD you will have had to sit through the anti piracy advertisement. It’s not destroying the film industry essentially. It represents people fighting back against greed. Cinema tickets are through the roof. Rather than it being a hobby going to the cinema it has become a rare treat. I do understand this but I am really interested in films and I would like to go to the cinema every week but I can’t. Its far too expensive.

Why do cinema’s charge so much? Is it the greed of multiplexes? No it isn’t. Looking at the budgets of films it is the industry to blame. For example Robert Downey Jr got paid 50 million dollars for his role in Avengers Assemble. Of course many people would happily be given that sum of money for that role. Because of actors getting paid huge sums of money this puts pressure on the studios to break even and therefore pushes up the prices of the cinema tickets. Not only that food at the cinema is through the roof as well. It costs too much to go to the cinema.

If cinema tickets were cheaper I would go every week maybe even a couple of times but until the industry makes changes to their budgets. However we cannot stop big business and I do not think things are going to change.

Some cinemas offer customers a monthly card which allows you to see unlimited films which is likely the only way you can save money. Still the problem of the price of food comes into the equation. So I do not blame people for piracy. Most people buy pirate DVDs to save money. Anti-piracy adverts claim the experience is not the same, but they should make it affordable. Also this may encourage more people to go to the cinema and therefore they can make more money.


2 thoughts on “Piracy is a crime?

    lovepirate77 said:
    June 14, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    I have to say I disagree. While it’s very true that prices have risen, piracy is the alternative people use because they think they have a right to this entertainment. If you can’t afford to go to a movie, don’t go to it, and accept that you won’t see it. The same goes for any entertainment: books, music, television, video games. You wouldn’t sneak into a theater for a concert you weren’t willing to pay for, or into an arena for a sporting event.
    I feel your frustration with the prices, but I don’t think piracy is the solution. Well written article, though, and I have a lot of friends who share your opinions. http://lovepirate77.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/a-few-words-about-piracy/

      thomasroach2008 responded:
      June 15, 2013 at 4:53 pm

      I do understand that it is a business but it is just based on corporate greed rather than art. I still go to the cinema but I would go a lot more often if it was cheaper and they could make more money off me. Thanks for reading my blog.

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