3D What’s the fuss?

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Now you may be aware that 3D movies cropped up in both the 50’s and 80’s and it failed to keep the audiences happy. Maybe this was just because technology was far less sophisticated as it is today. As you will also be aware that 3D is making yet another comeback. Since Avatar was released in 2009 it has been all the rage among most people. However I do not think 3D is all that. I would rather see most films in 2D most of the time that is.

There are exceptions to this. I think that animated films look far better in 3D. This is because when the animators animate each frame they build within a 3D cube that gives a better looking depth on the screen. I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D and it looked so incredible. Whereas watching the Avengers Assemble I felt that the 3D added something but was not essential. Story is the most important thing for me and of course I want a film to look good, but a film can look great without 3D. 3D therefore serves one purpose. It allows the cinemas and studios to bump up the prices and exploit customers.

An example of exploiting customers comes from this years film The Great Gatsby. The release date of the film was December 2012 but it was delayed until May 2013. Why? To convert it to 3D. This was not necessary as the film should rely heavily on drama and not how it looks, Adding depth to the shots would add nothing to the story. It was just done to make more money.

A lot of films are doing this just to make money. Some films can use 3D but most films do not need it at all. I am sometimes put off seeing a film in 3D. It costs more money, you have to wear glasses and it can make people feel sick. Until 3D is the same price of seeing a 2D film or glasses are not necessary to watch the film I feel that 3D is just a quicker way for a studio to make money. If a film is shot in 3D or animated it merits being shown in 3D but if converting footage after the film is finished it should be ignored. It won’t look as good and it just represents greed.


One thought on “3D What’s the fuss?

    lovepirate77 said:
    June 14, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    Good article. I can’t stand 3D conversions, I will only see movies actually filmed in 3D. You’ve got a mistake with your Great Gatsby example, though, as that was actually filmed in 3D, not converted. The delay was for other reasons. But the conversions just to make more money are horrible (both in quality and in ethics). Good post!

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