Xbox One. What does the One stand for?

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Next generation consoles are less than a few months away from our living rooms. Microsoft has showed off its latest console the Xbox One. More will be seen at E3 in just a few days but we need to ask a question about the Xbox One, what does the one stand for? Microsoft claim that it is used to be the one and only console you need. They claim it is made by gamers for gamers. I have a different opinion on what the One stands for.

It stands for the 1%. It represents corporate greed. When Microsoft showed off their latest product they were faced with controversy. Some of the new traits of the latest console are less than appealing for the customers. They do serve a purpose though. They feed the 1%. For example the xbox one comes with a kinect camera which they claim is essential to the gameplay experience. Most people with the kinect of Xbox 360 hated it. Will it improve the console this time round? maybe, maybe not. It does however give Microsoft an excuse to charge an extra $150 for something people don’t want.

Another issue with corporate greed is the charge for using a preowned game. Now I can understand this but times are hard and people can only afford preowed games. If someone has purchased any other type of product it is theirs for life. If I buy a sofa and I give it to a mate free of charge I don’t get a fine from the furniture company. This is exactly what Microsoft and the developers are doing. They make Millions in profit each year but they still want a bit more. They will do anything to get money now. It seems we don’t truly own the game ever we are meerly renting it. Not to mention a lot of companies that sell preowned companies will go under as people may be unwilling to pay a fine for a preowned game and therefore companies such as Game may go under.

Other than that The Xbox One will only work if you connect to the internet every 24 hours at least. This is a major issue. If I go on a holiday for a week then I will not be playing my Xbox now will I. So it will break and I will need to spend more money to either fix it or buy a new one.

Frankly what Microsoft are doing is a joke with Xbox One and despite they will sell units I will not buy the console unless these issues are sorted it. I will buy a PS4 hands down after listening to their launch conference. Microsoft don’t need this to make money as they are so successful without the Xbox but these issues need to be fixed. Maybe the One stands for the rating out of 10?


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