Netflix is the Future of TV

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If you don’t already have a Netflix account then you should probably get it. However I will explain this before you get this. Netflix allows you to watch a large selection of films and Television for £6 a month. May I say this is a good deal. It does have some issues but I do think that Netflix is the future of Television at least. Let me explain.

Netflix has now started to produce its own shows which is fantastic. I have watched House of Cards and I loved it and Arrested Development and I was so happy to see that return. As you will know TV Shows have several episodes and usually they are released every week for a few months until the show is over. Despite this is the normal way to watch TV, most people would rather record the whole series and watch it in a few sittings. It makes practical sense to have a show on weekly and waiting for the show does become part of your routine, But as most people just record shows anyway and watch them later it does make far more sense to release all the episodes at the same time. When I first got Netflix there were lots of shows available that I had never watched but always wanted to such as Arrested Development and Breaking Bad, I do think I got more pleasure out of the series and got more out of the stories told by watching episodes back to back.

So when House of Cards was released as a Netflix Original program all the episodes came out at the same time and I believe I watched it in three sittings. Same with Season 4 of Arrested Development I was able to watch all the episodes in a couple of sittings and I think I enjoyed it a lot more. Netflix simply is like having the box set and I hope that Netflix starts to produce more shows and release them in the same way. Audiences can get up waiting 20 weeks to see the end of the season, so why not release all the episodes at the same time?

This is a long way off yet I think and Netflix in its early days or market domination. With the income they get from viewers each year masses up to around $2 billion. If more people start to use Netflix they will be able to start producing more original content and give it to the audience when they want it and a reasonable price.

So I think that this will be the way that Television works in the future but it is a long way off. Obviously income on channels comes from advertising and we are far away from telling the advertisers to go away. The way Netflix is delivered to us should be considered by other channels and now we just have to sit back and wait for the evolution of television to take its course.


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    […] Netflix is the Future of TV ( […]

    […] Netflix is the Future of TV ( […]

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