Star Wars Episode VII What to Expect

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Star Wars

So if you have been living in a cave on Tatooine for the past few months then this will be news to you. Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and they have announced sequels to the original trilogy. They will be Episode VII, VIII and IX. Disney has also announced spin off films in the works rumors of films following Boba Fett, a young Han Solo and a young Yoda. From 2015 Episode VII will be released and the following episodes will be released every two years with a spin off released in the year in between. There is a great deal of mixed opinion as to the Star Wars Sequels. Like it or not they are going to happen and they will make a lot of money.

I do have concerns with these films and so do many others but I guarantee anyone not happy about them will still see them when they hit the cinema. Many fans are still pissed off about the prequels but they have still seen them. The original trilogy was and always will be a piece of classic cinema and despite the technology and special effects being primitive at times it still holds a place in our hearts. The prequels may have had better special effects but there was no real heart or soul in the story. That and the poor acting from some cast members (Hayden Christensen) ruined the lore of the original trilogy. I don’t hate the prequels but I love the original trilogy a lot more. It had been 8 years since Episode III was released and technology has advanced even further. We just have to wait and see how the film looks in two years time and I’m sure it will look good. But do we want this though.

The primative effects of the first trilogy do hold a place in story telling. Remember special effects do not make a film. I fear that is all we will get in the next trilogy. Story telling is far more important the the effects and this may be ignored by the director JJ Abrams. Many people like JJ Abrams for rebooting Star Trek and for creating Lost. I have seen Star Trek and I will say that it is a heap of shit. JJ Abrams like Michael Bay only cares about visuals, explosions and big budgets. They have not heart or soul in the story telling side of the film. People said Star Trek was good but it was not. Sure it looks incredible but the story is basic and primative. I would rather have primative effects but a decent story than the other way round. We just have to wait and see though don’t we.

Also Disney is a billion dollar company which makes most of its profits from merchandise. If you think each film makes a lot of money that is nowhere near the same amount as the merchandise. Lucas made more money from selling Star Wars action figures than the gross of the movies. Imagine every child who sees the film once or twice, then imagine them asking their parents for the video games, the bed covers, the t-shirts, the lunch boxes, the action figures and so on. Each parent will hand over a few hundred dollars for the merchadise to buy their children whereas they may only pay up to 10 dollars to see the film. Disney is a great business and a ruthless one at that and they will keep making money. There is very little art in the business anymore and that is a real shame. I think the films need to be more story based and made because of a good script not because you can make money off the merchandise (remember the Ewoks).

Like I have said the idea of these new films upsets me but I am sure I will see them. I am not trying to get anyone to boycott the films or the merchandise I just want to share the fact that this is being made only for money and no other reason. Write a good script then make the film.


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